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Use this specialty grow medium as an intermediary after germinating your seeds with our Seed Starting Mix. It doesn’t take long before seedlings outgrow their small grow plugs–the next step is to transplant them into our Seedling Transplant Mix using larger containers. This mix is also perfect for potting-on small soil blocks/cubes into larger ones. Transplants will now have unrestricted growth, and from there, it won’t be long before they can be planted outdoors or wherever you like! 

This mix provides optimal water retention and aeration. This blend of living soil is formulated to carefully nourish your seedlings during a critical stage of growth, based on our staple inoculated + charged up biochar mixture. Ingredients provide slightly more water retention and nutrient value to help your seedlings and transplants thrive past the first phase of growth.

Hint: if you want to grow your seedlings in one pot until the final transplant outside, this is the best soil mix that you should use.

Available in 1 cu yd, 20 L and 10 L format.

CONTACT US for a Quote on your larger order needs such as full pallets or multiple Superbags.


Composed with a perfect balance of compost, peatmoss, perlite and vermiculite. 

Contains 10% YukonGrow's inoculated + charged up biochar mixture (softwood biochar, worm castings, soil activator, and effective microorganisms). pH is adjusted with lime.

No additive or wetting agent.

Features Designed with optimal structure (aeration, drainage and water retention) in mind for seedling transplant. Mild in nutrients to help your seedlings thrive past the germination phase of growth.
Certified Organic?No, but all ingredients are either certified or listed as permitted for organic production systems in Canada.
Other Certification?no
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