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Sample Testing

Wondering about the quality of your soil, or don't know where to start? We offer testing and advising to help you improve the quality of your grow conditions and make the most of the Yukon growing season! 

We help everyone from hobby gardeners to large operations improve the quality of their grow systems. 

YukonGrow’s founder Michel Duteau is a professional biologist and has a background  in agriculture and forestry. In addition to a Master of Science in Bioresource Engineering, he has years of experience in soil sciences supporting the building and the maintaining of living soils, grow media, and production systems. 

It is our mission and great honour to see you succeed. Learn more about our support services below, and please contact us with any questions and to book!




Sample Collection and Soil Profiling

Evaluating the base conditions is the first step to improve them. Our first visit is complimentary, and we also offer the option to drop off or mail samples to us. 

Sample Testing

We can conduct analysis on soil or grow media as well as compost, manure or water solution (e.g. for hydroponics). All our analyses are performed by certified labs.

Interpretation of Results

We can help you make sense of your lab results. For instance, we can evaluate response to quality criteria and compare your results with what could be expected in similar conditions. 


We offer professional and personalized science-based guidance to support you in making decisions to improve the productivity of your soil or grow media. Looking for a lower maintenance soil upkeep solution? Wanting to get better production out of your fruits and vegetables? We can help develop a strategy with suggestions and practices to improve your system. We love to help!