Compost makes soils happy!

Compost is the result of decomposition of organic material in a controlled environment. Compost provides Soil Organic Matter (SOM), nutrients, and beneficial microorganisms. SOM stimulates microbial activity and increases the water-holding ability.


Compost looks like soil but it is not. It should not be used as a stand-alone grow medium, as it often is too strong, and salinity can be an issue ‒a little goes a long way to build a healthy living soil ecosystem! Here are general indications for application rates:

  • Side or topdressing along established plants or perennials only needs a 0.25'' layer.
  • Good practice for annual maintenance of beds that are doing well is to apply a 0.5'' layer of compost; rake it in lightly.
  • You can be more generous if it's been a while since it has received compost. For instance you could apply 1-2'' and blend it into the top 6-8 inches of soil or grow medium.
  • For established lawns, apply 0.25-0.5'' before or after aerating the application site for over-seeding, topdressing or patching a bare spot.
  • For new lawns, apply 1-2'' and blend it into the top 6-8 inches of soil before seeding or sodding.


Specific weight of compost can vary 500-600 kg/m3 depending on moisture content, with typical value at 550 kg/m3.


See sections ''Soil and Blends'' for blends of compost and ''Manure and Fertilizers'' for vermicompost (worm castings).