Soil Blends

YukonGrow Blends
YukonGrow Blends is a series of unique ready-made soil blends, grow substrates, and grow media. Made in the Yukon, by Yukoners, for Yukoners, from Yukon materials wherever possible, and specifically adapted to our grow conditions and practices up here. They are designed to provide optimal results in the target usage ‒no need to add anything else.

Our Living Soils are based on YukonGrow's staple inoculated + charged up biochar mixture,
made up of biochar soaked in worm castings and inoculated with beneficial microorganisms. Other ingredients include compost, peatmosss, perlite, vermiculite, and sand in proportions specific to the intended usage. Dolomitic lime is used to fine-tune pH, and organic fertilizer is lightly added as needed. Just pour and play!

Whether you're looking for a simple, high-quality and high-yielding solution or for an
economical option, our offer can accommodate a variety of budgets.

Available as of 2024 are the following:

Nursing Blends
- Seed Starting Mix
- Seedling Transplant Mix

Gardening Blends
- Basket and Container Gardening Mix
- Raised Bed Mix
- Open-Garden Mix

Landscaping Blends
- Boosted Sand-Compost Mix
- Sand-Compost Mix
- Topsoil

Houseplants Blends
- Potting Mix

Cannabis Blends
- Coming soon!