Productive gardens start here. We have a variety of living soils, grow amendments, and grow media to meet all of your gardening, agricultural, landscaping, and soil engineering needs, all chosen specifically for the unique conditions in the Yukon. 

YukonGrow is locally owned, and we do whatever we can to reduce our environmental footprint, meaning that we source products locally and from recycled materials wherever possible, offer reduced packaging options, and make a point in offering ‘certified organic’ products. We also offer biochar, an innovative and carbon-negative grow amendment that continually feeds soil and enriches growth for years to come. 

Newer to gardening? Check out our Growing 101 page for tips and ideas to get started and consult references presented in our Learn section for deeper insights. Don’t forget to like/follow our Facebook Page to stay in the loop and get to know more about living soils, grow mediums, and grow amendments as we present and review products. And don’t hesitate to Contact Us to find out what products are suitable for your home or commercial project.

Order here and at checkout, choose to pick up your products in Whitehorse or get them delivered wherever you please. Check out the FAQs for details and how-to.

Terms and Fees:

→ Full pallet or truck/trailer deals can be discussed;

→ 5% rebate applicable if entirely paid upon ordering for any order above $1000 before taxes;

→ Minimum 50% due on ordering for any order above $1000 before taxes;

→ 100% due on ordering for any order $1000 and lower before taxes;

→ Curbside pick up is free (no delivery fee or associated cost e.g. fuel charge);

→ Delivery fee ($25) within 50 km of our downtown Whitehorse location is waived for any order above $250 before taxes;

→ No fuel charge applies on any delivery within 50 km of our downtown Whitehorse location;

→ Fuel charge or expediting service fees may apply on any delivery beyond 50 km, contingent on the chosen delivery method;

→ Handling fee ($10) is waived for any order above $100 before taxes;

→ Supersacks (1-2 cu yd) only available for delivery (curbside pick-up not available);

→ $20 deposit charged on Supersakcs, refundable on return.