Sharing is Caring

Best way to learn often is through sharing with peers.

Check out these local Facebook Pages and Groups, and don't hesitate liking/ becoming a member:

Atlin Gardeners—Dirty Hands, Green Thumbs
Boreal Gardeners and Foragers Beyond Organic
Fireweed Community Market
Food Network Yukon
Gardeners of Whitehorse, YT
Growers of Organic Food Yukon (GOOFY)
The Yukon Territory (Canada) farm connection
Whitehorse Downtown Urban Gardeners Society (DUGS)
Whitehorse House Plants
Yukon Agricultural Association (YAA)
Yukon Home Grown, Home Made
Yukon Young Farmers (YYF)

Other valuable Social Media include:
Le Monde Selon Marthe (Serres Li-ma, Marthe Laverdière)
Les Jardins de l'Écoumène
Mind & Soil, website
Northern Farm Training Institute
West Coast Seeds, newsletter

As well, workshops and classes are periodically offered online and in-person, for instance:
Fortier, J.-M. The Market Gardener's Master Class.
Fortier, J.-M. La masterclass du jardinier maraîcher.
Gaia College. Online Courses, e.g. Organic Master Gardener, Organic Horticulture Specialist, Growing Food.
Northern Farm Training Institute (NFTI). Training and Services: Intro Courses and Live Sessions. Hay River, Northwest Territories.
Trump, C.. Courses, Natural Farming (e.g. KNF). Hawaï.
YukonU. Yukon Master Gardener - GARD 010: Certificate Course. Yukon University, in partenership with Ag Branch.
YukonU. Northern Gardening: Individual Courses. Yukon University, in partenership with Ag Branch.