How do I place an order with YukonGrow?

  • Placing an order to purchase a product or service with YukonGrow

    1. YukonGrow primarily is an online store and as such offers an easy 4-step ordering process as described below. At this time, no brick-and-mortar location exists for visiting or in-store shopping ‒although this might change in the future; stay tuned!

    2. Step 1. Choose your items
    3. Browse our offer, click on the product or service you're interested in to learn more about them, adjust size of product or option of service, and press the 'Add to Cart' button to choose your purchases.
    4. Step 2. Cart
    5. Once you have finished browsing, click the 'Cart' button; a link to your cart is also at the top of the page. In the 'Shopping Cart' window, you can review your order and adjust quantities. Next, select how and when you want to take receipt of your order. Click here for details. When you're done, press the 'Checkout' button.
    6. Step 3. Checkout
    7. At checkout, enter your contact info (email or mobile phone number) so that we can keep you posted with email/SMS notifications until completion of trade. Also complete the drop location’s physical address if you have chosen delivery or shipping; no need to enter an address if you have chosen pickup. When you are done, press the 'Continue to Payment' button.
    8. Step 4. Payment
      Follow the instructions to complete your transaction. Accepted payment methods include credit cards, Paypal, ShopPay, cash-on-delivery, e-transfer, and gift cards. Click here for details. All payment information is encrypted during transfer over networks, protecting your privacy. You will receive an email/SMS notification confirming your order when you have successfully submitted it. Your card will not be charged immediately at checkout. We will only charge your card upon review, including confirmation of the availability of all your items. Click here for payment terms and potential rebates or financial support.