Our Team

Team YukonGrow is growing! We are thrilled to have Aiden McRae and Meriam Danial joining us this winter as Social Media Management and Digital Marketing Interns, respectively.

A bit about Aiden:

Aiden is most at home living in wild places. She grew up on a lush farm in Eastern Ontario where she first felt the magic of immersing her hands in the soil and growing food. Today she strives to inspire everyday people to nurture strong relationships to the Earth and to one other. Since graduating with a B.A. in English Literature from Trent University in 2016, Aiden has offered excellence in research, writing and diverse communications services for CBC Radio, For The Wild Podcast and Indigenous organizations that strive towards environmental integrity. Passionate about storytelling on behalf of the Earth, communities and the creative arts, Aiden writes powerfully about the natural world and our responsibilities to the land, water, air and the rich tapestry of life all around us. From local food systems and community leaders, to ecological restoration and radical art—she tells stories that show us blueprints for a more beautiful future.


Aiden will administer YukonGrow's social media accounts. Our social media goals are to ensure high levels of web traffic and customer engagement, build hype for YukonGrow events, and foster the development of a community of online followers and supporters.


Aiden McRae, Social Media Management Intern


A bit about Meriam:

With over five years of experience in digital and social media marketing, Meriam has thrived on watching businesses grow in the digital world. She is highly driven to observe, analyze and produce results. She truly believes that as many crucial industries, such as that of YukonGrows, shift to the digital world and transfer knowledge and content online, the wealth of knowledge and progression of our world will continue to tremendously evolve— and is certainly looking forward to this. Meriam is most passionate about being thrown into new environments, observing and experiencing new cultures. As an avid traveler and one who loves to explore the outdoors, Meriam takes what she deems to be exceptional from every person, culture or place and applies it in her everyday life. She hopes that through her experiences and ongoing passion for content creation, she can share the many beautiful wonders this world has to offer.

Meriam will plan and manage YukonGrow’s digital marketing efforts. Our marketing goals are to increase brand awareness, generate leads, and grow the user base.

Meriam Danial, Digital Marketing Intern