Our Difference

YukonGrow specializes in providing quality products and services related to living soils, grow amendments and grow media such as compost, soil blends, manure, and biochar. Our products and services are uniquely adapted to the local grow conditions. Our practice is based on the principles of (re)generative gardening and agriculture. We bring cutting-edge services such as analysis of soil microbiome and products such biochar-amended compost and blends of living soil based on inoculated biochar. We make use of local resources whenever we can. In particular, we upcycle ‘waste’ generated by the local agri-food industry wherever we can, for instance through making best usage of local compost, manure, offal (e.g. blood meal, bone meal, feather meal, fish emulsion/sileage), spent grain (malt waste, spent mushroom grow media), and slash.

Our products and services appeal to growers looking to optimize their grow conditions. Hobby gardeners can find a trusted supplier and ally in YukonGrow whether they are green or thoroughly seasoned and experienced. Plant moms and dads can find the support they need to grow lush, healthy, beautiful indoors plants. Cannabis growers can count on YukonGrow for help in growing better, stronger, more productive plants. Professional agrarians of the horticulture sector can find what they need whether they grow outdoors or indoors ‒for instance market gardeners, berry producers, cannabis producers, hydroponic practitioners, greenhouse operators, or nurseries/seedling producers.  Landscapers can find quality products and services for projects big or small. Soil engineering practitioners can count on YukonGrow for projects such as reclamation, remediation, stabilization, and hydroseeding.