Soil and Blends

Top Soil
Top soil can be used as an underlayer to raised beds and open garden or for filling in low spots in a lawn. It typically contains a natural mixture of sand, silt, clay and organic matter is various proportions (see specific product for details). It is obtained from grubbing the surface layer that has formed over millions of years from rock decomposition, wind and water movement, for instance when developing land.

YukonGrow Blends
YukonGrow Blends are series of unique high-yielding living soils made in the Yukon, by Yukoners, specifically adapted to our grow conditions and practices up here. Based on on YukonGrow's staple inoculated + charged up biochar mixture, and making use of local ingredients wherever we can. Ingredients include biochar, beneficial microorganisms and worm castings, plus compost, peatmosss, perlite, vermiculite, and sand in proportions specific to usage. Dolomitic lime is used to fine-tune pH.

Available as of Spring 2021 is our series of Gardening Blends
- Basket and Container Gardening Mix
- Raised Bed Mix
- Garden Mix

This will later be completed on demand with Specialized Blends, perhaps including

- Tree & Shrub Mix: fruit trees, berry bushes, grapevines and other woody plants do well on a compost-heavy mix
- Flower/Cannabis Mix
- Houseplant Mix: most houseplants are tropical species that prefer a spongy, nutrient-rich mix
- Orchid Mix: orchids need an ultra-spongy, low-nutrient bark-based mix
- Succulent Mix: cacti, succulents, and other species that hail from arid environments prefer a free-draining, low-nutrient mix
- Seed Starting Mix: seedlings sprout best in an ultra-fine mix with equally spongy and free-draining qualities
- Propagation (cuttings, seedlings) Mix
- Potting Mix: a balanced, versatile mix that can work for the vast majority of indoors and outdoor plants, including most annuals and perennials
- Nursery Mix
- Flowerbed Mix
- Turf and Lawn Mix
- others as needed

Branded Blends
A potting mix is a medium in which to grow plants and seedlings in a pot or other container indoors or outdoors. It is a very versatile type of product. It typically contains an engineered mixture of sand, silt, organic matter (e.g. peatmoss, pine bark, compost) and perlite and vermiculite in various proportions (see specific product for details). Its pH is usually fine-tuned with limestone. Some contain a small amount of fertilizer or slow-release nutrients. Bagged potting mixes typically are sterile. Potting mix sometimes is referred to as "potting soil" but it actually contains little to no soil because soil is considered too heavy.

Black earth is a type of top soil that is especially rich in organic matter.

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