Our Journey

Where we're from

YukonGrow was established in summer 2020 with the launch of an e-commerce website spurred by unprecedented demand from hobby gardeners as a result of COVID-19 and widespread (re)discovery of the benefits of gardening ‒food sovereignty, health, entertainment, therapeutics, community building, etc. This action built on a market validation exercise initiated as part of Northlight Innovation Bootcamp’s first cohort in fall 2019. It allowed the development of a budding clientele ‒mainly of Whitehorse-local hobby gardeners, and early-stage market positioning as subject matter expert. In January 2021, YukonGrow was selected as one of the three first high-potential companies to embark IncubateNorth, a business development program powered by TD at YukonU’s Innovation & Entrepreneurship. Building on the experience and momentum, YukonGrow developed in Spring 2021 a series of unique and high-yielding blends of living soil for gardening (garden mix, raised bed mix, basket & container gardening mix) which were met with an exceptional reception.

Where we're going

YukonGrow now is looking to expand with the development of specialized blends of living soils based on inoculated biochar and adapted to our grow conditions and practices up North such as a seed starting (seedling) mix, a potting mix, a tree & shrub mix, a flower/cannabis mix, a lawn mix, and potentially others on demand. Scaling up will require acquisition of manufacturing and packaging equipment, as well as space. A subsequent step will be to have our products retailed by thrid-parties such as big-box stores and garden centres throughout the Yukon. Ultimately, this will bring us closer to producing our own biochar and to replicating the process model beyond Yukon, for instance in markets with similar growing constraints such as NWT, as well as Alberta and BC.