Founder and Parent Company

YukonGrow is a Duteau Bioresource enterprise, owned and operated in the Yukon by Michel Duteau, Biol. MSc (est. 2016).

A word on Michel

Michel is from and agricultural and forestry background, and has been calling the Yukon home since 2013. His graduate studies were in Bioresource Engineering and focused on the interaction between agricultural soils and freshwater ecosystems through farming practices. He did his undergrad studies in Biology with a focus on ecology and environmental sciences.

Michel developed a specialty in biology and chemistry as it applies to agriculture & soil sciences, water & sanitation, freshwater ecosystems, forestry & biomass, and ecosystems/processes engineering. He has a vast experience of research, consulting, field assessments, technical writing, and capacity building. Some of his notable work in the Yukon has been the design, implementation, maintenance and capacity building on constructed wetlands’ soils for the treatment of mine-impacted water and urban wastewater. He also is a supplier of biomass for heating energy, including cordwood and pellets.

On his downtime Michel can be found hiking Yukon’s backcountry, skiing in the winter, or bike-touring. Michel is an avid outdoors sports enthusiast with a firm interest in food security and development of agriculture.

Parent company

Duteau Bioresource works for the (re)generation and maintenance of resilient ecosystems and infrastructures. We strongly believe that all natural elements and human beings have an intrinsic value and that everyone should have an equitable access to the many and varied outcomes that ecosystems can provide ‒across current groups as much as across generations. This includes resources and services such as clean drinking water, decomposition of waste, carbon sequestration/climate regulation, cognitive and spiritual benefits, and food and energy provision.

We are an impact-driven, audacious, business-oriented enterprise. We are proud to innovate and serve the needs of our clients by bringing novel ideas to the table. We prize collaboration with other professionals and hold attention to amplifying the message of historically marginalized peoples and fostering belonging. We have a wholistic approach and aspire to cultivating a true understanding, respect and connectivity amongst individuals and their natural environment.