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Your expedient provider of high-quality, local, eco-friendly and effective living soils, grow media and grow amendments. Offering pick-up or delivery, in whatever quantity you need. Based in the Yukon, for Yukoners, by Yukoners, with products and services adapted to our grow conditions and practices up North. 

Consider us your northern soil specialists


View our large selection of living soils, grow media and grow amendments. We make our own blends of living soil using locally-sourced material wherever we can. Check out our great selection of locally-sourced compost, manure, wood mulches and blends of inoculated and charged up amendments, as well as beneficial microorganisms, fertilizers, etc. Our flagship product biochar, may help you see the soil-food-climate nexus in a whole new light. Biochar is a carbon-negative material that fosters a healthy, living, balanced soil to grow beautiful greenery and tasty food items in a regenerative way. Our Products.


We support growers in optimizing grow conditions, whether you grow food, ornamental or indoors plants, cannabis, or have a soil remediation project. Our services such as soil sampling, testing and advising are personalized, expeditious, and rely on qualified personnel and labs. Understanding your soil is a powerful step towards boosting productivity. Our Services.


Check out our learning center for a selection of northern-curated references. And make sure to like and follow us on social media (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and LinkedIn) to stay in the loop and to Sign up for our Newsletter to read fresh blog posts and receive product offers. Learning Center.

Who We Are

We are your northern soils, grow media, and grow amendments specialists. In a market dominated by big box stores and global agri-tech companies, we are proud to offer products and services that are competitive and that better suit local needs. We are based in Whitehorse, YT and serve all of the Yukon and neighbouring communities. We pledge to continue moving towards a carbon-negative future and to leave a low environmental footprint. About us.

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