Superbags and Whole Pallets

Superbags (1 cu yd) are available for a variety of products, for instance top soil, municipal compost, manures, and blends of living soil. Whole pallets (38 bags of 20 L, or 76 bags of 10L) also are available for most products. Split pallets (more than 1 product) may be possible on request.


Superbags and whole pallets only are available on Delivery (market pick-up or curbside pick-up options are not available due to weight and dimensions). Maximum 2 superbags or pallets per order/delivery.

- A Lift fee ($40) is automatically added on any Superbag or pallet
- A Deposit ($20) is automatically added on any Superbag, refundable on return.


We can drop the Superbags or pallets wherever you wish with our dummy-arms truck (examples here and here). They can be used right there, or can later easily be moved with common loading equipment; a Superbag can be lifted from the top using the handles, or set on a pallet. For instance a skid steer (e.g. bobcat) or a tractor can handle them wherever needed. We can also offer services to move them around with our truck as needed.


Our Superbags keep things tidy and clean: no mess left on the ground like a bulk dump would do! The material is kept safe, dry and secure: the top lid closes, seals up and is weather-proof against rain, wind, etc. This allows for leaving the Superbag in the field worry-free, and using the product on your own time. If need be, the bottom spout can be used for rapid, controlled discharge.

To return the Superbag and get your deposit back, simply fold it approximately and leave it at curbside or stashed somewhere safe and accessible and we'll swing by to pick it up when you notify us it's ready.