Meals, Mined Minerals, Rock Dusts, and Blends


Meals are slow-release, gentle naturally-sourced fertilizers made up from finally ground components of the specific meal. It can for instance be made from alfalfa, blood, bone, feather, fishbone and kelp. We carry a variety of exceptional organic Gaia Green® and Frankia® meals that will increase the nutritional content and overall health of your soil. Each meal has a specific nutritional value, each with an identified content in nitrogen, phosphorus, and calcium; more details here.

Meals can be broadcast (spread) across your growing area, or blended into your compost and soil mixes as needed. Some are soluble, such as blood meal.

Mined Minerals

Mined minerals can help to replenish vital nutrients in the soil. We offer a variety of Gaia Green® and Frankia® products that are derived from sources such as ancient seabeds, naturally occurring sedimentary rock and oyster shell, as well as Azomite. These powerful products will boost nutrients such as calcium, phosphorus, potassium, iron, magnesium, manganese, and sulphur. Benefits can include increased yields and crop quality, improved soil structure and water retention.

Rock Dusts

We carry a variety of Gaia Green® and Frankia® rock dusts derived from natural sources. Rock dust aids biological function in the soil and overall plant health. These finely ground products contain ingredients such as humic acid, glacial, basalt, and volcanic rock dust. Rock dust can be broadcast (spread) and cultivated into your growing area, or you can pre-mix it into your soil before potting or transplanting projects.