Manure and Fertilizers


Plants appreciate a good feeding of fertilizer. Fertilizers supplement the nutrients needed to see plants through tough conditions so that they can thrive. In the case of manure they can also boost Soil Organic Matter (SOM) and beneficial microorganisms. Fertilizers come in many forms and are derived from many sources. We are pleased to offer a variety of local manures, as well as our customer favourite—worm castings! We also carry high quality liquid plant foods, including fish emulsion, and fertilizers for cannabis and flowers. 

Major nutrients content of fertilizers typically is expressed by a 3 number rating system. The first number is nitrogen (N), the second number is phosphorus (P), and the third is potassium (K). These numbers represent the percentage of each nutrient found in the product.

Our manure products are locally-sourced from animals strictly fed on herbicide-free hay and/or feed (ideally local). They are composted as needed, highly reducing the growth of any weeds. Best practice with manure generally is to apply it to your soil in the fall to allow plenty of time for organic matter to break down, and for nutrients to become available to plants. Alternatively, spring application can be a good option so long as the composted manure is well mixed with the soil to prevent root burn (exposition to excessive nitrogen in the form of ammonia).

Specific weight of fertilizers and manure varies depending on moisture content, with typical value for manure at 400 kg/m3.