Morbloom 0-10-10 (Alaska)


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Feeding your plants with this rich fish fertilizer will promote vigorous root growth to anchor your plants and facilitate nutrient exchange. Morbloom will promote vibrant budding and blooming action–and best of all–flowers and foliage will burst with vibrant colours and aromatic components. Higher in phosphorus and potassium, the nutrient profile is 0-10-10. This product is perfect to have on hand for outdoor plants, flower gardens, bulbs, roses, cannabis, berries, vegetables, herbs and indoor plants. Ingredients include concentrated menhaden fish emulsion, a bony fish traditionally used as a fertilizer and not fit for eating. 

Feed your plants approximately every three weeks. This powerful fertilizer must be diluted with water before application (follow the directions on manufacturer label). Note that this product is not safe for human consumption–just for plants!

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DescriptionConcentrated liquid plant food. Stimulates exceptional budding and blooming on all flowering plants. Brightens colors in flowers and foliage and promotes vigorous root growth.

Fish emulsion (menhaden fish, a bony fish traditionally used as a fertilizer and not fit for eating, primarily from the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean).

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