Ten vegetables to grow in the Yukon

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Picture this: months from now, you wander through knee high plants, and gently trail your hands along their leafy abundance. Fragrance of basil, tomato and mint drifts up into the evening air.

But on this March day the snow is still high and the sun calls us to start the seeds for our gardens, grow boxes and plots. No matter how you grow, this is a special time of intention when you can plan what types of plants you want to raise this season.

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First-time growers sometimes worry that starting seeds, planting, and growing vegetables is a complex science. Have no fear! Gardening is one of the most natural things that has been practised for thousands of years. It takes a gentle guiding gardener’s hand, high quality seeds, and the right soil conditions–then nature will take care of the rest.

Whether you have grown gardens for years, or you have never planted a seed, our team has some inspirations for your growing needs. 

Pro tip: try to source high quality seed that have been prepared for the upcoming growing season; or use seed that is no older than 1-2 years.


Here are five plants that thrive in our short and heat-limited conditions:

  • leafy lettuce in garden bed
    Lettuce: leafy, fresh lettuce is a breeze to grow and harvest for your summer salad bowls. Pro tip: sow seed successionally (sprinkle seeds in the soil a few weeks apart, so that you’ll have a continuous fresh crop to harvest throughout the summer).
  • Kale: nutritionally dense and versatile in recipes, kale is also very hardy and can produce new greens from a single plant for months. Bonus: it can stand up to some frost, and will even turn sweet.
  • pea fence with child
    Peas: snow peas, snap peas, shell peas–you can try one of each! Sweet and crunchy in summer, and some varieties are good for storage in the freezer. Research which varieties suit your cooking needs. 
  • Broccoli: considering the cost of broccoli in the grocery stores, this is a vegetable worth growing! Explore the many different types available, including funky shapes and colours. 
  • Potatoes: this list would not be complete without this hardy vegetable. Whether you choose Yukon Gold, or another variety, you can’t go wrong with this classic that is excellent harvested fresh or for storage. 

Looking for a growing challenge? 

  • Tomatoes: the king of the garden, tomatoes are rewarding and wonderful to
    tomatoes growing in greenhouse pots
    grow. We can all agree, the flavour of store-bought tomatoes does not compare. These plants need to be started early, and ideally grown in a greenhouse. 
  • Carrots and beets: these root vegetables are loaded with vitamins and minerals, are tasty when harvested from the ground to the table, or for winter storage. These plants need tender care as they begin taking root, and they need to be thinned. They require soil that is less heavy than typical Yukon native conditions.
  • Squash & Zucchini: robust, sweet, and nutritionally dense, squash come in
    young zuchinni plant with blossoms
    many varieties according to your cooking and storage needs. You can even cook with the bright yellow blossoms! These sprawling plants need space and some heat. 

Don't stop at the end of this list

What is your absolute favourite vegetable that is bound to be even better when you’ve grown it by hand? Source the seed or transplants, research articles to learn about the particular growing conditions for that plant, and consult our Learning Centre and local gardening groups to gather expertise and support. 

Choose your soil

Healthy high quality soil is the foundation of your growing project, anchoring and nourishing your plants with water, nutrition and structure. Consider it your canvas. Read our Growing 101 for key steps to build and maintain a robust soil or grow medium to support your crops.


Photo: Aiden McRae

YukonGrow soils are formulated for optimal grow conditions in the north. Each blend plays a special role at different stages of growth, and helps to support plants with delicate growing needs, such as carrots and beets. Click through the blends below to explore our speciality soil products to power your projects. 

Seed Starting Mix 

If you’re starting your plants from seed, try our seed starting mix, which provides just the right balance of water retention and aeration for delicate seeds to germinate.

Seedling Transplant Mix

Next, use this specialty grow medium as an intermediary after germinating your seeds with our Seed Starting Mix.

Open Garden Mix

Perfectly balanced for optimum production in open-ground gardens. A pour-and-plant option for new gardens or old ones being refurbished.

Raised Bed Mix

Our raised bed mix is perfectly balanced for growing vegetables and flowers in garden boxes, cold frames and greenhouse beds. 

Basket and Container Mix

A special mix to retain moisture in your baskets and containers so that they thrive throughout the spring and summer.

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