Five reasons YukonGrow soils leave big box store blends in the dust

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Our living soils are made from the highest quality ingredients to suit northern growing conditions

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It is no secret that northern gardeners are passionate about growing exceptional vegetables, flowers, cannabis, and more. We all know at least one gardener who pours their time, energy, trial and error, and every bit of savvy know-how into the short, intense Yukon growing season. 

There are many elements to the art of northern growing, and we’re proud to offer one of the key ingredients: healthy living soil. Growing in the north takes a special touch; and choosing our locally-made, eco-friendly blends will help your projects go the extra mile. We want your hard work to pay off, and choosing the right soil from the outset will help you to achieve optimal results. 

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You might wonder what the big difference is between YukonGrow soil blends, and store-bought branded blends at any big box store. Soil is just soil, right? 

The truth is that soil is a complex medium that serves as the foundation for plant growth. YukonGrow soils have been developed using YukonGrow founder Michel Duteau’s expertise, and the highest quality ingredients adapted to our challenging northern growing conditions.

Here are five reasons that YukonGrow soils leave big box store blends in the dust:

  1. Our blends are "living soils," meaning that they are teeming with beneficial microorganisms. Big box store soil blends, on the other hand, are devoid of life by design, since they are sterilized to extend their shelf life. 
  2. Our blends are made of 100% high-quality ingredients that are either certified organic or listed as usable in organic production. This means that our blends are as healthy as can be, and can be used in organic agriculture, which is not the case for many standard store-bought products.
  3. Our blends contain the power of biochar, which is unique in itself. Biochar isfounder holding living soil known to significantly boost soil productivity and health, thereby enriching the long-term sustainability of your soil, and the resulting bounty of your plants. Learn more about biochar in our blog Five Things You Should Know about Biochar. 
  4. The Yukon’s agricultural community is making huge strides to ramp up local food production and sustainability. We’re proud to play our part by offering locally made soil, from locally-sourced ingredients as much as possible. We’re committed to supporting the local economy and mitigating transport-related carbon footprint.
  5. Our blends are made in small batches, ensuring constant freshness and quality.
As you can tell, we’re just as passionate about soil blends as you are about growing! We look forward to serving your growing needs this season.
Explore our unique soil blends here to find the perfect match for your growing needs: https://www.yukongrow.com/collections/soil-blends
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