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Unique high-yielding living soil made in the Yukon, by Yukoners, from local ingredients wherever possible, specifically adapted to our grow conditions and practices up here. Ideal for vegetables, herbs and flowers.

Perfectly balanced for optimum production in open-ground gardens. A pour-and-plant option for new gardens or old ones being refurbished. Can be used as a stand-alone for the whole profile, or as a top-dressing (e.g. 3'') on a deeper basis (e.g. 6'' topsoil) for larger areas.


Structure is composed with a perfect balance of compost, peatmoss, and sand.

Contains 10% YukonGrow's inoculated + charged up biochar mixture (softwood biochar, worm castings, soil activator, and effective microorganisms).

pH is adjusted with lime. Lightly added with all-purpose fertilizer. No manure or mycorrhizae is used in our soil blends; depending on the crop, they can advantageously be added to optimize the grow conditions.

Certified Organic?

no; a majority of ingredients are

Other Certification?



Designed with optimal structure (aeration, drainage and water retention) in mind to maximize production per unit area and limit loss of nutrients through leaching.

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