Boosted Compost


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This product is ideal for providing regular maintenance of grow conditions, for instance yearly addition (1-2 inches), or periodic top-dressing during the grow season (0.25-0.5 inch).

This product is made from a locally-sourced compost, boosted with our staple inoculated + charged up biochar mixture. Compost provides a balanced nutrient content. The added boost provides a low dose of biochar, worm castings and beneficial microorganisms for optimum benefits (e.g. enhanced yield, increased resistance to disease, fungus, and harmful insects).

Available in 1 cu yd and 20 L format.

CONTACT US for a Quote on your larger order needs such as full pallets or multiple Superbags.


Composed with

 - Municipal Compost (made from residential and commercial organics, e.g. food scraps, yard debris, forestry residues) 

- YukonGrow Boost (inoculated + charged up biochar mixture; contains worm castings)

Certified Organic?No, but all ingredients are either certified or listed as permitted for organic production systems in Canada.
Other Certification?no
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