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We’ve created this special blend of living soil to retain moisture in your baskets and containers so that they thrive throughout the spring and summer.

Ingredients include compost, sand, peatmoss, perlite and vermiculite, our inoculated + charged-up biochar mixture, and a bit of all-purpose fertilizer to provide a lightweight yet productive mix for hanging baskets, window boxes, grow bags, fabric planters, and flowerpots. A touch of lime is added to balance pH.

Container growing is a rewarding way to raise tomatoes, squash, cucumbers and many other veggies in a convenient and cost-effective way.

Available in 1 cu yd and 20 L format.

CONTACT US for a Quote on your larger order needs, e.g. full pallets or multiple Superbags.


Composed with a perfect balance of compost, sand, peatmoss, perlite, and vermiculite. 

Contains 10% YukonGrow's inoculated + charged up biochar mixture (softwood biochar, worm castings, soil activator, and effective microorganisms). pH is adjusted with lime. Lightly added with all-purpose fertilizer.

No additive or wetting agent.

No manure or mycorrhizae is used in our soil blends; depending on the crop, they can advantageously be added to optimize the grow conditions.

FeaturesLightweight and drains well, yet designed with optimal water retention in mind to reduce risk of hydric stress and to require less watering even through hot, dry weather.
Certified Organic?No, but all ingredients are either certified or listed as permitted for organic production systems in Canada.
Other Certification?no
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