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Alpaca poop is known to be one of the best natural soil additives for plants and vegetables. It is not too 'hot' and can be spread directly on growing plants without burning them. It provides a comparatively high amount of nitrogen and potassium, and an average level of phosphorus; nutrient profile is approximately 1.5-0.2-1.1. Calcium and magnesium content are about average. It also provides organic matter, which helps to  improve structure, water retention, and beneficial microorganisms' activity. Bonus: alpaca poo doesn't smell!

Our alpaca manure is locally sourced from alpacas that are fed on a strict diet of grain, feed and hay that is free of herbicides or any other pesticides. Alpaca manure is safe to be used without composting, and ours is naturally aged for a few months.

Available in 1 cu yd and 20 L format.

CONTACT US for a Quote on your larger order needs, e.g. full pallets or multiple Superbags.

IngredientsLocally-sourced alpaca manure, fed on local and herbicide-free hay.
Approx. N-P-K1.5-0.2-1.1

Upcycled local product. 

No transport-related GHG debt or carbon cost. 

Packaged in a re-used and re-usable bag.

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