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Hen manure is chock-full of nutrients, including calcium, nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus. Nutrient profile is approximately 1.1-0.8-0.5. This fertilizer helps to facilitate the growth of root systems and overall plant health. Organic matter also helps to activate microbial functions to make nutrients available to plants. 

This is a powerful fertilizer–a little bit will go a long way to support your veggies and plants!  The best practice is to apply composted hen manure to your soil in the fall to allow plenty of time for organic matter to break down, and for nutrients to become available to plants. Alternatively, spring application can be a good option so long as the composted manure is well mixed with the soil to prevent root burn (exposition to excessive nitrogen in the form of ammonia).

Our hen manure is locally sourced from hens that are fed on a strict diet of grain and feed that is free of herbicides or any other pesticides, before being naturally aged for at least one year.

Available in 1 cu yd and 20 L format.

CONTACT US for a Quote on your larger order needs such as full pallets or multiple Superbags.

IngredientsYukon-sourced hen manure, strictly fed on herbicide-free feed, composted for ≥ 1 year.
Approx. N-P-K1.1-0.8-0.5

Upcycled local product.

No transport-related GHG debt or carbon cost.

Packaged in a re-used and re-usable bag.

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