Flower Bloom Blend 1-9-5


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Flower Bloom Blend 1-9-5 delivers the phosphorus plants need to produce potent and abundant flowers, boosted by a complement of micronutrients to support plant and soil health. Bloom provides a gentle natural slow release of nutrients sourced from top quality organic inputs, it will not burn.

Available in 20 kg and 3 kg format.

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IngredientsAlfalfa Meal, Bone Meal, Insect Frass, Glacial Rock Dust, Greensand, Gypsum, Leonardite, Kelp Meal, Langbeinite, Mineralized Phosphate, Potassium Sulfate, Rock Phosphate, Blackstrap Molasses.
Certified Organic?All ingredients in this product comply with Canada’s Organic Production Systems General Principles & Management Standards and Permitted Substances Lists.
Other Certification?no
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