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Fish Emulsion 5-1-1 (Alaska)


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Fish fertilizer is a tried and trusted method to give your plants a rich serving of nutrients. All-natural ingredients include a blend of kelp and fish traditionally used as a fertilizer and not fit for eating. Nutrients are slowly released as organic matter breaks down in the soil, which also enhances microbial activity. High in Nitrogen, this product’s nutrient profile is 5-1-1. Feeding your plants approximately every three weeks will help to produce vigorous indoor plants, vegetables, flowers, shrubs and trees. This powerful fertilizer must be diluted with water before application (follow the directions on manufacturer label). Note that this product is not safe for human consumption–just for plants!

Available in 946 mL format.

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DescriptionConcentrated liquid plant food. Especially recommended for outdoor annuals, bedding plants, vegetables and herbs. Deodorized with wintergreen oil, is nearly odorless, and any remaining aroma will not linger.
IngredientsFish emulsion (blend of kelp with seagoing fish traditionnally used as a fertilizer and not fit for eating, from the Gulf of Mexico).
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