Top Soil, grubbed (local)

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Top soil can be used as an underlayer to raised beds and open gardens or for filling in low spots in a lawn or underlayer for sod. Not recommended as a stand-alone grow medium, as it is fairly poor in structure and nutrient content. It typically contains a natural mixture of sand, silt, and clay, plus some organic matter in various proportions.

This specific product is obtained from grubbing the surface layer that has formed over millions of years from rock decomposition, wind and water movement, for instance when developing land for residential buildings. It is lower in organic matter than extracted top soil, and typically higher in silt. Sifted and mostly devoid of debris.

Available in 1 cu yd or 20 L format.

If need be, see the following product as an alternative: Top Soil, extracted (local).


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Ingredients100% locally-sourced top soil, grubbed and sifted. Contains a natural mixture of sand, silt, and clay, plus some organic matter.
Certified Organic?no
Other Certification?no
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