Sample Collection and Soil Profiling

Did you know that the sampling process itself can be the greatest source of error in a soil testing effort?

We can help you with collecting representative samples and evaluating the profile of your soil. For instance, we can design and apply a sampling protocol for different depths of your growing area. Rates presented below; first visit is complimentary. Unlimited number of samples per visit.

Within 50km of our downtown location in Whitehorse

$65 per visit

Beyond 50 km of our downtown location in Whitehorse

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scheduled as part of our rotational weekend deliveries

$65 per visit

not scheduled as part of our rotational weekend deliveries

$40 per visit




First thing to consider is the objective, i.e. what do you plan to grow? This will dictate whether you should take samples at a single depth or not, and how deep. For instance:

First depth  (in)

Second depth (in)

Berries 0-6 no need
Lettuce, melons, grass 0-6 6-12
Potatoes, corn, pumpkins 0-6 6-24
Hay grasses (e.g. brome, fesuce, pasture), alfalfa 0-12 12-24


The following are examples of sample collection protocols developed for agriculture and adaptable to gardening and soil reclamation projects:

Cornell U., 2020. Soil Sampling Protocol. Soil Heatlh Assessment - Part II.

Government of Alberta, 2020. Soil Sampling. Chapter 3.3. pp. 87-97.

Purdue University, 2018. Soil Sampling Guidelines. 6 p.

USDA, 2020. Sampling Soils for Nutirent Management: Helping People Help the Land. United States Department of Agriculture, Natural Resources Conservation Services. 2 p.


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Alternatively, you can provide sample(s) in a Ziploc or other air-tight container. Drop your sample(s) Mon-Fri 8:00am-5:00pm at our downtown location in Whitehorse at Northlight Innovation Hub. Give us a call or send an SMS at 867-689-8490 ahead of time to arrange drop-off. We will come outside to meet you in the parking lot. Do not come inside the building. You can also choose to mail it (see Contact for details).