Yellow Pine Softwood Biochar


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Biochar is a game-changer for the future of growing food in the Yukon. Airterra’s softwood biochar (SoilMatrix™) is a Canadian-produced biochar made exclusively from select upcycled forestry residuals. Rich in carbon, this powerful soil amendment accelerates important nutrient exchange between the soil and plants, while its porous surface provides habitat to beneficial microbes. It helps to retain water during dry times and drain it as needed. This material provides long-lasting structure in the soil–for up to millennia. Remarkably, biochar is also a top carbon sequestration solution. You can mix biochar with compost or manure, or into the top layer of your garden beds and boxes. All YukonGrow blends of living soil contain SoilMatrix™ softwood biochar. Try biochar for yourself! 

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Ingredients100% biochar
FeedstockSoftwood -Southern Yellow Pine
ProcessSlow pyrolysis (30 min) at approx. 500oC
Particle size1-6 mm
Certified by CFIA ?yes
Certified Organic?

no need (CFIA certification grants listing on permitted substances for organic production systems in Canada)

Other Certification?no
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